Q Earthworks


Q Earthworks includes everything you need to (literally) move mountains. Q Earthworks is a product of Q Point, the world’s only supplier of a dynamic process control tool.

That’s why Q Earthworks offers its customers the same benefits enjoyed by other Q Point customers: the interconnection of your earthwork construction projects and the implementation of a comprehensive equipment distribution process across all your construction projects. Q Earthworks integrates seamlessly into the Q Point 360° process cycle.

With Q Earthworks, you can manage large earth movement operations with the same ease as a single truck load. Volume flows are converted into calculable logistics units. Perform large volume earth movements totalling tens of thousands of truckloads in an organised way, no matter how many partners you cooperate with. Q Earthworks enables you to keep track of your performance, time and cost objectives and ensures optimum usage of your tractor units.

The solution offers you quantity balancing, electronic delivery notes and monitoring functionalities in line with Q Point’s guiding principles: One Platform | One Location | One Language | Worldwide. These principles ensure that Q Earthworks is easy to operate for all users. Q Earthworks communicates on one target-oriented channel. Therefore, all project stakeholders gain the same visibility but have the possibility to assess the project from their own perspective.

By offering truly dynamic process control, Q Earthworks is the major Industry 4.0 planning and coordination system for earthworks.

ONE Language

All systems worldwide communicate in one single language

ONE Location

Access all construction projects wherever you are

ONE Unified Concept

Only invest in tools that are really required in the construction process

ONE Platform

Enable all employees worldwide to communicate via one platform

ONE Plug

Manufacturer and system-independent. Access to all major suppliers on the market

INFINITE Possibilities

Countless ways to integrate customised business processes in Industry 4.0

360° Closed Loop

Truly dynamic process control for the entire construction process

ONE Security Concept

One security concept for all applications worldwide

Continuous Quality Audit

Performance indicators and quality documentation at a glance

Investment Protection

Past investments can be integrated into Industry 4.0

Instant Access

Access equipment data at any time and act before a damage occurs

ONE Intuitive UI

One intuitive user interface for worldwide application