Q Asphalt


Q Asphalt is the world’s most advanced process control software. It manages asphalt road construction processes throughout the entire value chain.

The solution is part of the Q Point 360° process cycle and adheres to Q Point’s guiding principles: One Platform | One Location | One Language | Worldwide. Users of Q Asphalt gain access to global markets and can connect global customers and projects with their own construction projects.

The system offers an intuitive user experience that enables users to operate the software with just a few simple steps. The user interface as well as the ease of use is the same worldwide. All users are provided with an overview of the numbers they immediately require for their construction workflow. But Q Asphalt delivers more than just bare figures: It filters millions of data records and shows you where your numbers are in the tolerance range.

Q Asphalt is the only truly dynamic process control tool on the market. It calculates the effect of each change in the construction project, however minor, on all other parameters. This allows you to avoid losses between the individual process steps and improve the efficiency of the entire construction project.

With Q Asphalt, all project stakeholders can communicate on an equal footing and at the same time assess the project from their own perspective. As Q Asphalt is manufacturer and system-independent, it grants you security of investment in two different ways: First, past investments are not lost when implementing Q Asphalt. They can be incorporated productively. Secondly, Q Asphalt does not limit your company’s future possibilities and therefore helps you stay independent.

Q Asphalt is part of the powerful process control platform Q Point. Its modular design offers you exactly what you need. Under the Q Point pricing model it is possible that you only pay while using the product. As a result, the product doesn’t incur high fixed costs. At a closer look, Q Point doesn’t cost you anything at all, as we only retain a small part of the cost reductions you achieve by using the system. An interdisciplinary team of more than 70 people at our sites in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are working on research and development and on the continuous improvement of Q Asphalt.

ONE Language

All systems worldwide communicate in one single language

ONE Location

Access all construction projects wherever you are

ONE Platform

Enable all employees worldwide to communicate via one platform

ONE Security Concept

One security concept for all applications worldwide

360° Closed Loop

Truly dynamic process control for the entire construction process

Factor 11

Cost reductions of 11 euro for each euro spent on Q Point

INFINITE Possibilities

Countless ways to integrate customised business processes in Industry 4.0

ONE Plug

Manufacturer and system-independent. Access to all major suppliers on the market

ONE Unified Concept

Only invest in tools that are really required in the construction process

Continuous Quality Audit

Performance indicators and quality documentation at a glance

Continuous Temperature Control

Continuous temperature control from the mixing plant to compaction

Investment Protection

Past investments can be integrated into Industry 4.0