Q Supply


Q Supply is an indispensable tool to ensure the uninterrupted supply of your mixing plant. Q Supply works autonomously within the Q Plant product range but can also be integrated into the Q Point 360° process cycle.

Through integration into the world’s only truly dynamic process control software, the interdependencies between procurement and demand can be controlled in real time. The operating principle of Q Supply is quick and easy to explain. Q Supply enables customers to independently schedule their demand with the mixing plant. Once date and recipe have been confirmed using a calendar tool, Q Supply will organise the entire underlying procurement logistics, record stock withdrawals and ensure optimum utilisation of the available transport capacities.

All this happens continuously and without interruption. Q Plant provides additional value by enabling customers to occupy open time slots with special mixtures at short notice. Q Supply immediately reacts to such changes and adjusts the procurement logistics process. 

Therefore, with Q Plant, the utilisation of mixing plants can be increased. The availability for all received customer requests is displayed immediately. Through integration into the 360° process cycle it is possible to immediately offer alternatives.


Continuous Quality Audit

Performance indicators and quality documentation at a glance

Investment Protection

Past investments can be integrated into Industry 4.0

ONE Language

All systems worldwide communicate in one single language

ONE Location

Access all construction projects wherever you are

ONE Platform

Enable all employees worldwide to communicate via one platform

ONE Security Concept

One security concept for all applications worldwide


Using the system reduces operating costs by up to 30 %

ONE Channel Strategy

Phone, fax, SMS, WhatsApp? Communicate via one single channel

ONE Unified Concept

Only invest in tools that are really required in the construction process

ONE Plug

Manufacturer and system-independent. Access to all major suppliers on the market