Q Statistics & Maintenance


Q Statistics & Maintenance provides you with an overview of the most significant key figures of your mixing plant. Q Statistics & Maintenance filters and compares millions of records every day and presents the result in a comprehensible and clearly structured way.

With Q Statistics & Maintenance you can identify the areas where your plant performs well and where there’s room for improvement. It provides an overview of the energy consumption and the utilisation of the plant, enables you to statistically evaluate production from different perspectives and identify anomalies in the production process. Additionally, it can also evaluate batch records.

Q Statistics & Maintenance is an indispensable tool for identifying the actual costs of a plant and for developing suitable pricing strategies.

INFINITE Possibilities

Countless ways to integrate customised business processes in Industry 4.0

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Access equipment data at any time and act before a damage occurs

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Past investments can be integrated into Industry 4.0

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Manufacturer and system-independent. Access to all major suppliers on the market

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System and supplier-independent and thereby future-proof

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