Q Telematics


Q Telematics is the core module of the Q Point 360° digitisation solution. It forms the foundation for onboarding truly dynamic process control in construction processes.

In Q Telematics, all machines, vehicles and small devices are registered, and your machine data is recorded for efficient dispatching. Q Telematics tells you exactly where a device is and what condition it is in. At the same time, it ensures that all the different machines and sensors can communicate with each other. That’s why Q Telematics is the cornerstone of ideal equipment management and dispatch processes. Target-actual comparisons and utilisation analyses are now possible.

One of the most extraordinary features of the system is “predictive maintenance”, which allows for timely discovery of interruptions, even before an incident occurs. The Q Point system aims to provide truly dynamic process control which can already largely offset disruptions during the construction process. In combination with Q Telematics, such disruptions can be ruled out almost entirely.

Users of Q Telematics can gain in-depth insights into the condition of their construction equipment and transport vehicles. This means that you can monitor the condition of your machines from the comfort of your desk. Q Telematics automatically calculates maintenance cycles, fuel requirements and probabilities.

360° Closed Loop

Truly dynamic process control for the entire construction process

INFINITE Possibilities

Countless ways to integrate customised business processes in Industry 4.0

Investment Protection

Past investments can be integrated into Industry 4.0

Instant Access

Access equipment data at any time and act before a damage occurs

Investment Protection II

System and supplier-independent and thereby future-proof

ONE Plug

Manufacturer and system-independent. Access to all major suppliers on the market

ONE Unified Concept

Only invest in tools that are really required in the construction process