Q Dispo


The primary goal of Q Dispo is to record requests where they originate and to provide dispatchers with an overview of all requests on a central platform and, ultimately, to let Q Point customers become masters of the craft of demand planning.

Q Dispo is every dispatcher’s best buddy. It connects all data points according to logical aspects and creates a vast network from all the individual data points of a construction process. Q Dispo offers dispatchers real-time assistance in all aspects of their work: availabilities, transfer requests, maintenance operations and related service staff as well as refuelling and automatic cost centre assignment in conjunction with ERP systems.

Q Dispo integrates completely and dynamically into the Q Point 360° process cycle and adheres to Q Point’s guiding principles: One Platform | One Location | One Language | Worldwide. That’s why Q Dispo is so easy to operate. Employees that are already using Q Point products can carry over all existing benefits: the administration of master data, interconnectivity through unified interfaces and a single target-oriented communication channel for the construction process.

This one-channel strategy transforms the workplace of the dispatcher: no matter from where they receive their instructions (phone, fax, WhatsApp, SMS, etc.), all requests are received via Q Dispo. Based on a web shop model, the dispatcher processes the request by moving items into a shopping cart and Q Dispo takes care of the rest. Assignments are processed within seconds and can also be completed on a smartphone. No more waiting for a dispatcher to come out of a meeting or get to his desk in the morning. 

If any changes are required, they can also be made in a matter of seconds. As a part of a truly dynamic process control software, Q Dispo automatically assigns cost centres using ERP interfaces and helps to keep up the construction process flow.

INFINITE Possibilities

Countless ways to integrate customised business processes in Industry 4.0

360° Closed Loop

Truly dynamic process control for the entire construction process

Investment Protection

Past investments can be integrated into Industry 4.0

Investment Protection II

System and supplier-independent and thereby future-proof

ONE Plug

Manufacturer and system-independent. Access to all major suppliers on the market

ONE Unified Concept

Only invest in tools that are really required in the construction process

ONE Intuitive UI

One intuitive user interface for worldwide application

ONE Language

All systems worldwide communicate in one single language

ONE Platform

Enable all employees worldwide to communicate via one platform

ONE Security Concept

One security concept for all applications worldwide

ONE Channel Strategy

Phone, fax, SMS, WhatsApp? Communicate via one single channel