Q Site

Easy planning, constant optimisation and complete documentation.

Q Site offers the perfect tool for road construction. It allows easy planning, full transparency, constant optimisation during the construction execution as well as analysis and optimisation of the process chain.
Q Site includes solutions for paving, earthworks, concrete construction, milling and disposition. With these applications, Q Point customers close their 360 ° process cycle, reduce their execution costs by up to 20% and sustainably reduce their lead times.



Up to 20% Costs Reduction

Mobile Orders

Q Asphalt

  • Optimised planning and execution
  • Real-time control
  • Real-time information for all involved parties
  • Continuous documentation of all processes

Q Dispo

  • Planning and management of primary and secondary resources
  • Mobile demand and availability notifications (webshop principle)
  • Automatic assignment of cost centres (ERP interface)
  • Fleet availability checks

Q Storage

  • Perfect interplay of Q Dispo and Q Storage
  • Continuous or periodic stocktaking
  • Can be used online and offline
  • Quick real-time inventory level queries for all storage yards
  • Optimised use of storage capacities

Q Milling

  • Efficient truck utilisation
  • Digital quantity planning
  • Continuous utilisation of key equipment
  • Full transparency and real-time visibility
  • Automatic documentation and controlling

Q Concrete

  • Digital construction site planning and management
  • Optimisation of orders, transport and paving
  • Electronic delivery notes (raw material and concrete)
  • Automatic stock and material management

Q Earthworks

  • Structured process planning
  • Continuous milling process
  • Optimisation of deployed trucks
  • Electronic delivery notes