Q Machine

Fleet efficiency increase based on realtime information.

Q Machine allows machines, trucks, systems and sensors of all types, to communicate with each other. Construction machines and trucks of all manufactorers can be integrated without any further cost.
Thanks to features like equipment monitoring, compaction monitoring and temperature control, the utilisation of the construction machines can be easily optimised.

Interface for all manufacturers

Easy and Intuitive



Q Telematics

  • Open interfaces for all construction machines and truck manufacturers
  • Access to the global market thanks to the seamless connection of all Q Point modules
  • Fulfil individual requirements through modular software structure
  • Ongoing development of new modules

Q Compaction

  • Recording of compaction and temperature data
  • Infrared sensor for asphalt temperature measurements
  • Real-time documentation via color display
  • Easy to use

Q Pave

  • Temperature detection behind the screed
  • Georeferenced view, including compaction
  • One database available to all involved parties
  • Clear visualisation