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Q Point


Q Point is a completely digital, manufacturer-neutral and system-independent platform that provides optimisation and continuous documentation for all civil engineering construction processes.
As a leading provider of construction site digitisation solutions, Q Point helps you achieve efficiency in your daily operations.


Q Point connects and enhances your existing systems, channeling your resources into one large and powerful process. The solution allows you to manage, monitor, optimise and document all the processes of your construction
projects from one central place. Using Q Point applications, you can close your production cycle and take control of the entire process cycle.
Q Point is a secure solution that helps you reduce costs, increase process security and quality control along the entire value chain.


Q Point provides the perfect tool for all construction projects, no matter their size. Q Point delivers a flexible multi-functional tool for each player in your organisation: your staff working in planning or billing, your suppliers, construction workers, cost optimisation specialists or process managers. Each of them will have the same knowledge and receive exactly the information that they require at a particular point in time.

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More than 100 experts at Q Point have developed the necessary interfaces and applications so that devices of different manufacturers and providers are able to flawlessly communicate with each other.

This allows you to turn each of your existing devices and sensors into manufacturer-neutral hubs and to integrate them into a consistent data flow. From this data flow, Q Point provides you with the relevant information at the right time, which allows you to manage your entire construction project using only a handful of controls. You are able to monitor your processes from a central tool and all data will be automatically evaluated and documented for you. Q Point always takes into account applicable data protection regulations and cooperates only with certified partners. As Q Point is a manufacturer-neutral platform, our customers do not have to throw their existing solutions overboard. On the contrary, previous investments can be seamlessly integrated into Q Point. With Q Point, you can freely decide on your level of investment.



Q site


Q Site is a powerful and modular multi-functional tool that contains all applications for 360° digitisation of construction sites.

Q Site is continuously being developed by experts in the areas of IT, plant engineering, production/construction processes and logistics. More than 50 Q Point developers are working on the most advanced and most powerful applications for optimising our customers’ business processes and provide 24/7 support. At Q Point, we bring together the knowledge of several thousand completed projects and aim to implement our growing expertise into our Q applications. Q Site includes applications such as Q Asphalt, Q Earthworks, Q Concrete and Q Milling. Q Point’s customers use these applications to complete their process cycle and to enable them to lower their costs by up to 20 %.

Q Asphalt

  • optimised planning and execution
  • just-in-time logistics
  • all involved persons are informed in real time
  • continuous documentation of all processes

Q Milling

  • structured planning of all processes
  • continuous milling process
  • optimised utilisation of trucks
  • electronic delivery notes

Q Concrete

  • digital construction site planning and management
  • optimisation of orders, transport and paving jobs
  • electronic delivery notes (raw material and concrete)
  • automatic stock and material management

Q Earthworks

  • construction site planning and management (mass balances)
  • automatic performance evaluation
  • resource and inventory management
  • digital haul cards and documentation

The Q Site multi-functional tool provides clear benefits: Seamless process integration results in considerably reduced costs. Apart from full process security and optimum use of resources, the completely digitised process support enables automated, continuous documentation. Naturally, we also offer seamless integration of your existing systems.

Q machine


Q Machine is an extendable multi-functional tool which provides a manufacturer-neutral and system-independent foundation for digitising your construction site.

Q Machine teaches all kinds of machines, systems and sensors to communicate with each other. During a construction project, data is constantly being created. Q Machine collects this data from sensors, machines and systems and establishes a logical connection between different kinds of data. In Q Machine, Q Point combines the knowledge of renowned construction and process experts with the knowledge of specialists for seamless and closed information cycles. The Q Machine toolbox contains applications such as Q Telematics (device monitoring), Q Dispo (integrated demand planning for devices, staff, material, transport and other supplies) and T-Tracker (temperature tracking, electronic delivery notes, etc.).

Q Telematics

  • tracking of construction machinery and vehicles
  • utilisation analysis and target-actual comparison
  • automatic calculation of fuel needs
  • maintenance cycle notifications

Q Dispo

  • planning and management of primary and secondary resources
  • mobile demand and availability notifications (web shop principle)
  • automatic assignment of cost centres (ERP interface)
  • fleet availability checks

Q Tracker

  • real-time asphalt temperatures (mixing plant, compaction)
  • collection/transfer of electronic delivery notes
  • recording of location and machine data
  • possible integration of all manufacturers

Q plant


Q Plant is a comprehensive application for operators of mixing plants.

With Q Plant, operators are able to gather all relevant information from the plant control system, the weighing system, laboratory programmes, CRM or order management in one single platform. Q Plant logically connects all this information and presents it in an easily understandable way.
Q Plant offers you all the following information at a glance: customer orders, supply and production status of each site, plant information, such as energy consumption, etc. The entire document management containing all required records is accessible at the push of a button.

Q Production

  • shortest delay of ordered deliveries
  • lowest number of recipe changes
  • latest possible production start at the beginning of the day
  • maximum amount of pre-mixing on the previous day (only with thermo silos)

Q Supply

  • comprehensive demand planning through recipes
  • calendar function for all tasks
  • automatic adjustment of stock withdrawals
  • optimal utilisation of the available transport capacity

Q Transport

  • real-time information about supplier performance and
  • real-time information about supplier performance and reliability
  • cycle times and expected arrival times of trucks
  • loading monitor and electronic delivery notes
  • foundation for optimising production and logistics

Q Statistics & Maintenance

  • production statistics
  • documentation of energy consumption and capacity
  • evaluation of batch records
  • identification of anomalies

Security of investment: The Q Plant module can be extended at any time through application-internal interfaces. This allows the integration of other systems into Q Plant (e.g. fleet management and process management systems for asphalt or concrete road construction). Using these open interfaces, Q Plant also offers an ordering service. All customers can place their orders in a standardised way via Q Asphalt. Q Plant automatically checks the order, availability and the recipe and determines a timeframe for collection. This ensures optimal utilisation of available capacities.