Q Tracker

Vom analogen ins digitale Zeitalter wechseln.

Q Tracker is at the core of all construction processes. It enables you to integrate all your machines and equipment into Industry 4.0. As the Q Point process control system is manufacturer and system-independent, you can always make full use of Q Tracker.

One of the big advantages of the Q Point platform is that you can profitably integrate your previous investments into Industry 4.0. Q Tracker helps you to achieve that. It integrates your equipment into an Industry 4.0 environment as much as possible or you can use it to enhance your existing functional range. Select the model that fulfils your requirements from among the different Q Tracker types. Because with Q Point, you only pay for what you really need.

Q Tracker offers a wide range of functions: it is a useful instrument delivering complete records of all kinds of temperature data according to your requirements. The collected temperature data can be output using an app or a mobile printer. It can also process equipment, location and weather information or record electronic delivery notes for further processing.

With the comprehensive Q Tracker package, installation is remarkably easy. The integration follows Q Point’s guiding principles: One Platform | One Location | One Language | Worldwide. Therefore, data isn’t only collected but also analysed and prepared so that it can be grasped more quickly. The integrated Q Tracker app cleans up common measuring errors. Furthermore, you are not only provided with raw data, but also the corresponding tolerance ranges. All required customer documents are prepared automatically.

INFINITE Possibilities

Investition nur in Werkzeuge, die der Bauprozess tatsächlich benötigt

Investment Protection

Bisherige Investitionen können in Industrie 4.0 eingebunden werden

Instant Access

Jederzeit Zugriff auf Maschinendaten und agieren, bevor ein Schaden eintritt

Investment Protection II

Zukunftssicher durch Unabhängigkeit von Systemen und Anbietern

ONE Plug

Herstellerunabhängig und systemoffen. Zugang zu allen wesentlichen Anbietern am Markt

ONE Unified Concept

Investition nur in Werkzeuge, die der Bauprozess tatsächlich benötigt